Don’t Deal With Raccoons On Your Own

Don’t Deal With Raccoons On Your Own

Call the raccoon control specialists in Fort McCoy, FL and the greater Ocala area

Did you run into a raccoon the last time you were in your attic? Don’t panic—just call Wildlife Works, LLC. We provide raccoon removal services in Fort McCoy, FL and the greater Ocala area.

We’re trained to deal with combative animals. Using professional equipment, we’ll trap the raccoon and get it out of your home safely. We’ll then seal the area so raccoons can’t return. Our raccoon control services include returning to your property to remove any raccoons that do make it back onto your property. Contact us ASAP for efficient raccoon control services in Fort McCoy, Florida and the greater Ocala area.

Why should you remove raccoons ASAP?

If left to their own devices, raccoons can cause significant damage to your home or business. Raccoons can:

  • Tear open siding
  • Break louver vents
  • Rip screen doors
  • Tear apart shingles
  • Chew on wiring
  • Bite water lines
  • Rip loose drains and gutters

Raccoons can also carry ticks, fleas and rabies into your home. At the first sign of a rodent infestation, get in touch with us for raccoon removal. If caught early enough, we can prevent racoons from causing hundreds of dollars in damage.