How to Get Bats Out of Your Attic

How to Get Bats Out of Your Attic

Get in touch with Wildlife Works for bat removal in Fort McCoy, Florida and the greater Ocala area

Don’t let creepy eyes keep you from visiting your attic. When you need bat removal services in Fort McCoy, FL and the greater Ocala area, contact Wildlife Works, LLC.

Bats can be difficult to catch and release back into the wild. Even if you do manage to catch them, how can you make sure they won’t come back? The professionals at Wildlife Works are bat removal experts. We’ll set up a one-way door system to lure bats out of your property. Once they’re out, the system won’t allow them to come back in.

Reach out to us right away to keep your Fort McCoy and the greater Ocala area, FL home bat-free.

We obey local bat control laws

In Florida, we’re not allowed to perform bat control services until after the bat breeding period. However, we can still evaluate your bat control issue and give you a quote. Once breeding season is over, we’ll return to your property to complete the bat removal process. In extreme cases, we can help you apply for a state permit that will allow us to get rid of the bats during breeding season.

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